The 5 Best Places to Sell Stuff Fast When You Need Money ASAP

Do you need money today? Check out the best places to sell your stuff so that you can get money fast.

Are you in a bind where you need cash fast? Or do you just want to sell junk that you no longer want or need?

Well, keep reading to learn about the places where you can get quick cash when you need money in your bank account as soon as today.

Places to Sell Stuff When You Need Money

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Have you found yourself short on funds and need some extra money to pay the bills? Are your closets filled to the brim with unwanted toys, clothes, shoes and other junk?

If so, then you may want to exchange these things with the places below to get money back into your pockets as soon as possible.

If wondering what these places are, check out the list below.


1. Pawn Shops

If time is of the essence and you need money immediately, the best option to get cash in your hands right away would be to visit your local pawn shop.

Pawn dealers are prepared to give you fast offers for items that have considerable value such as cellphones, jewelry and electronics.

Although you have the option of selling these items online, going to a local pawn shop will definitely be a quicker process to getting the money you need when in a hurry.


2. Craigslist

Craigslist is a free online marketplace where many people go to browse for deals in their local area.

Within minutes after posting your items for sale, you can receive several cash offers.

To get started, you’ll need to make sure that you post clear photos of your items and be as detailed as possible in regards to the condition and terms of the sale.

Also, using Craiglist to sell things has become incredibly safer as many cities now offer designated areas that are under surveillance for exchanges at local police stations.


4. Amazon 

Amazon Trade-In is an awesome service where you can find the value of items such as books, games and electronics and trade them in for Amazon gift cards.

However, this process may take up to 10 days so if you’re able to wait a little longer than this method is definitely one to consider.


5. eBay 

If you have an old, broken or used cellphone that you’re willing to get rid of in exchange for cash then eBay may be a great choice for you.

Listing your device is incredibly easy and you can find out it’s suggested value by simply entering a couple of details. 

As this is an online service, it may take a couple of days to process your items but can guarantee a sale with minimal effort.


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Do you need money ASAP? Check out where you can sell stuff that you have on hand to put cash back into your pockets as soon as today.


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