7 Things Every Car Owner Should Know About to Save Gas Money

If you want to save gas money, then these driving tips and tricks are a must-read.

Keep reading to learn how you can save a few extra bucks at the pump with these simple car hacks.

How to Save Gas Money?

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1. Before filling up the tank, use a gas station app to find low prices. 

Simple Driving Hacks to Save Gas Money!

Before you have to fill up your tank again, try downloading one many free mobile apps such as GasBuddy (iTunesAndroid) where you can locate the nearest gas station by city or zipcode with the lowest prices on gas. This is one of the fastest ways to start saving money instantly.

2. Plan your route for the day before leaving your home. 

Plan your route for the day before leaving home to save time and gas money.

If you have errands to run throughout the day, use free apps such as Voyager (Android) or Road Warrior (iTunes/ Android) to plan out all your stops for the day. These apps will plan the most fuel and time efficient routes thus saving you even more money at the pump.

3. Avoid driving on rainy days. 

Avoid driving on rainy days to save money on gas.

Not only does your risk of getting into an accident increase, but your fuel efficiency goes down due to wind and water resistance. If you do not have errands that are urgent on rainy days, simply stay home.

4. Remove excess weight as soon as possible.

Remove excess weight from your car to improve fuel efficiency.

Keep your car as light as possible by removing unnecessary items from your trunk and car interior. . Simply put, the heavier your car, the more fuel it will consume.

5. Use cruise control on long drives. 

Use cruise control on long highways to save gas money.

If you find yourself driving for a longer distance on the highway, it would be in your best interest to turn on the cruise control. Cruise control allows you to drive a constant speed, rest your feet as well as save on gas as you are not constantly accelerating and decelerating.

6. Check your tire pressure at least once a month. 

Check your tire pressure at least once a month.

Underinflated tires can kill your fuel efficiency so make it a monthly task to check your tire pressure, especially before any road trips.

7. Use reminders for required car maintenance and other services. 

Use apps such as Drivvo to keep track of car maintenance.

It is easy to forget the next time you are due for an oil change or any other car maintenance. That’s why it’s important to use car management apps such as Drivvo (iTunes/ Android) which will keep track of all maintenance required for you vehicle.

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