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How to Become a Personal Shopper and Make Serious Bank

Learn how to become a personal shopper in 5 simple steps!

Personal shopping can be a lucrative gig for anyone who loves to shop and would like to make it a career doing it for others.

As a personal shopper, you’ll take your incredible sense of style and use it to purchase clothing and accessories for those who are too busy to shop for themselves.

If you would like to learn more on how to get started, keeping reading below to find out what it takes to make money as a personal shopper.

How to Become a Personal Shopper

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Do you consider yourself a savvy shopper? Are you always up to date on the latest fashion trends? Well, being a personal shopper could be a very fun career for you that allows you to explore your passion and make money while doing so.

In regards to skills and qualifications, some personal shoppers are known to have excellent people and communication skills as well as a very basic understanding of marketing.

Formal education isn’t required, however some experience in the fashion or retail industry would be useful to understanding your clients needs and wants.

A personal shopper’s primary responsibility is to advise and guide clients on fashion and accessory selection for formal events or even daily attire.

If wondering what it takes to start a career as a personal shopper, check out the list below.

Become a personal shopper today and start making real money doing what you love!


1. Choose a niche.

Choosing a niche will allow you find the right clients and get paid accordingly.

When you have a niche, you’ll also have laser focus when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Common niches to consider involve formal wear, high-end clientele such as celebrities and public figures as well as work attire for busy corporate executives.


2. Stay on top of trends. 

Keeping on top of trends is a must for personal shoppers who want to stay in business.

You definitely don’t want your clients wearing out-dated clothing as if they’ve just jumped out of a time machine.

There are several ways to stay on top of trends such as reading fashion magazines, attending fashion shows and subscribing to fashion trend websites such as


3. Have the right tools. 

When shopping for clients having reliable transportation and cell phone is a must.

You don’t want to be late for appointments or delay shopping tasks when meeting a deadline.

Make sure that you have a high-quality phone or camera to take pictures of outfits and accessories to receive your client’s approval before major purchases.


4. Create a brand.

Creating a memorable brand is important when starting out as a personal shopper.

With a brand, you’ll stand out from your competitors and attract the clientele that you want.

For starters, you’ll want to have a professional website as well as a portfolio of outfits that you’ve put together.

Your goal is to create a brand that present you as an authority and the “go-to” person for any personal shopping endeavors.


5. Know where to find deals.

Always be on alert for local deals at your favorite retailers.

Although your clients may not care about the price tag, you may find that you can help save them money by keeping track of weekly and seasonal sales and discounts.

Also, by being a frequent shopper at these retailers you’ll have the opportunity to build long-term relationships that can help you gain new clientele and more business opportunities.


If shopping and staying fashionable is your passion, you’ll definitely find joy in pursuing a career as a personal shopper.

You’ll be able to help people achieve their attire goals as well as make them look and feel good about themselves.

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