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19 Quick And Easy Ways To Make Money From Home Right Now

Learn 19 methods you can use to start making money online, right now!

If you’ve been looking for ways to earn money online A.S.A.P then keep reading because in this post, we’re going to show you why there is absolutely no excuse to be poor now or ever!

The information age has opened up the global economy to every 12-year-old with McDonald’s WiFi and an iPad.

Like these preteens, you could be playing Crash of Clans or you could turn your phone into a Money Making Machine with these 25 strategies being used by the millionaires of tomorrow, Right Now!

19 Ways to Make Money Online Now

Affiliate links included. Full disclosure here.

1. E-Books

Have a great book idea but don’t have the resources to get it published?

Or maybe you have lots of ideas floating around and could use an extra $1000 a month.

Self publish your own books and sell them online.

You might be thinking that published books sell better than self-published E-books, but that’s exactly what the industry would have you think.

Actually, self published E-books sales own a considerable amount of market share, but reporting agencies only display information about sales of books with ISBNs.

Plus, with a self published e-book, you save thousands in material costs and keep 100% of the profits.

There are many strategies to selling self published books and even public domain content online.

If you want to get ahead of the learning curve, there’s a Self-Publishing Blueprint to get you there.

This E-Book training course will show you exactly how to build your customer list, market your books, and most importantly how to make money by self-publishing your own E-books!

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you scroll to the bottom of some of your favorite shopping, gaming, or most company websites you might notice the links that read “affiliates” or “affiliate program”.

If you sign up with these programs, you will become known as an Affiliate Marketer. An Affiliate Marketer is someone who promotes links, products and services for a company and in return receives a small commission based on a flat fee or a percentage of the sales.

The Online Marketing Blueprint for Internet Marketing is a great book to read for beginners who are looking to make extra cash from home with little effort and extremely low start-up costs.

3. E-Commerce

With today’s technology anyone can open up a digital storefront.  To get started, all you need to do is find out what you want to sell, how you want to sell it and to find a few wholesale retailers to purchase your products.

This is where Shopify steps in.

Shopify is one of the most popular, all inclusive e-commerce websites online that will help you set up your very own e-store, connect you directly with wholesalers as well as process all shipments and payments.

If having your own store, collecting cash on your own terms sounds good to you then you might want to give Shopify a try.

Click here to start your 14-day FREE trial on Shopify and start making real money today.


4.Retail Arbitrage

Retail Arbitrage is when you find products for a discounted price and sell them for retail price online.

A great way to take advantage of these types of deals are through purchasing wholesale items such as purses, handbags and sunglasses and reselling them.  is a great place to get started when looking for discounted name brand products that you can flip for a real profit.

5. Exchange Currencies

Foreign Exchange or FOREX is betting on the rise or fall of international currencies based on current international indicators.

You can win big with trading, but keep in mind that you can lose even bigger, so educate yourself and have a plan before you start putting money on the line.

If you’re a beginner you might want to take a Forex Trading Crash Course where you will learn step-by-step on how you can make money online trading currencies.

If you rather let software do all of the work you can use an automated Forex Robot Program to trade for you.

Once you get use to managing risks and recognizing trends, you’ll be able to go to the market and make money whenever you want.

6. Day Trading

Day trading is a stock investing strategy that is used to take advantage of volatile stocks and get out of the market with your money before the day ends.

By recognizing upward or downward patterns in a company’s share price, individuals can buy and sell back shares in high volume and make hundreds in minutes.

Now as with Forex, you’re going to need some information to start out and hedge risks.

I strongly recommend reading “How to Day Trade for a Living” by Dr. Andrew Aziz.

Dr. Aziz, breaks down Day Trading as a career and will teach you how to hedge against loss and manage your wins.

7.Business Consulting

Many business need help but don’t need a fully employed worker for the job.

Do you know a lot about a certain job or industry?

You can get paid by just giving advice.

In as little as 3 weeks, you can become a certified business coach through self-paced online courses taught by world-renown life coach Steve Jones and business coach Dr. Joe Rubino.

Sign up to become a certified business coach today!

8. Photography

Do you take beautiful photos in your leisure time?

Are you good at editing photos?

Sites like Shutterstock and iStockphoto will pay you for your photo uploads every-time they are downloaded.

If you continue to produce high-quality content at high volume, you have a chance to scale huge amounts in passive income.

Or you can get paid right now for photos you probably have in your phone. is a website that you can get paid anywhere from $2-5 to post your photos.

Earn money with you photos by signing up with!

9.  Freelancing

Fiverr and Upwork  are a few sites on which entrepreneurs shop for work done by freelancers.

You can profit from skills ranging anywhere from logo design to voice-over acting.

If you can draw, sing, animate, write, or even if you’re just good at math, you have the opportunity to put yourself on the global market and make money as a freelancer at any time.

For an extremely detailed, step-by-step guide on how you can earn more than $4,000 a month by selling gigs on Fiverr then I highly recommend you check out the e-book Fiverr Success.

It is stuffed with amazingly, practical information that anyone could use and is a great road map to showing you how you can replace your boring 9-5 job by working from home on your own terms.

Grab your copy of the Fiverr Success e-book today!

10. Taking Surveys

Learn 19 methods you can use to start making money online, right now!

Research companies are desperate to know how the everyday consumer thinks about their products or service and they understand that everyone isn’t going to spend their precious time on surveys for free.

That’s why some companies like Swagbucks have come up with incentive programs that allow you to earn gift cards or even cold, hard cash by sitting on your bed for 5 minutes a day and clicking check boxes.

Sign up with Swagbucks for FREE and get a $3 bonus!

11. Social Media Management

Both business and individuals need to have a social media presence in today’s web-based economy.

The very nature of online work means remote pay opportunities.

You can take advantage of this by changing your LinkedIn profile to include Social Media Expert (after you’ve become an expert of course).

I recommend that you read “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by marketing expert, Gary Vaynerchuk to get started.

Gary goes in detail about how you should execute tasks as a social media professional and exactly why you do it that way.


12. User Testing

How much time do you spend on your phone playing games or browsing apps?

What if you can turn that time into money? How much would you make?

What if I told you that app developers will pay you to use their apps?

Why, you ask?

There are millions of new apps that come out every day and fail in the marketplace, so developers need to get people to test apps before they are released with unnoticed bugs that ruin their chances of having a viable business.

You could be making bank in your undies right now with programs like  App Coiner!

With App Coiner you will get paid cash to try out new apps before they’re made available to the public.

Sign up to become a mobile app tester with AppCoiner!

13. Motivational Videos

Have you ever seen a collage of movie clips, voiced-over by a motivational speaker on YouTube?

These videos are evergreen and will be viewed from years to come, bringing in money for their curators forever.

To make your own, all you need to get started is some video editing software and a YouTube account.

Animoto is an awesome website that’s perfect for beginners. It provides templates, step-by-step tutorials and royalty-free music that you can use to create your very own HD videos and slideshows.

Prices start at $8 dollars a month for basic access, however if you visit the link below, you’ll receive a free month of access courtesy of Animoto!

Get my FREE month of Animoto!

14. Rent Anything

Is your spouse a hoarder? Do you have a garage full of stuff you’ll never touch?

Here’s a no brainier – You know that bike you never use? Rent it out! Those fishing rods in the attic? Rent ’em out!

Put your excess items to work by renting to your neighbors, friends and co-workers.

There are plenty of websites, that offer platforms to rent your items to people in your local area, like:

These sites act as intermediaries and information exchanges that help owners and renters find and contact each other.

Commonly rented items include: party items, power tools, cook ware, bikes, fishing gear, boats, trailers, lawnmowers, ladders, etc.

Get your items listed, and start making some extra cash by the weekend.

15. Website Optimization

Learn 19 methods you can use to start making money online, right now!


Website optimization is another remote work opportunity that is in high demand right now.

A company’s website is often the face of their first impression, and they will pay full-time salaries for part-time work, because of the level of expertise and time it takes to master the many skills of optimizing a website.

Companies need people competent in programming, search engine  optimization, website design, lead pages, and building e-mail lists.

Plus, you don’t need to go to college to learn this stuff, and you can actually learn it much faster by doing it yourself.

Don’t be intimidated by these tasks, because they are deceptively easy to learn and if you want to make serious money online, these skills are vital.

16. Surf The Web

You’re probably aware that Google and other search engines are taking your search engine information and selling it to corporations so that they can target you with advertising.

Search engines companies are making billions from commoditizing your search results. It’s about time you get in on some of that action.

By signing up with Cross Media Panel, you consent to Google surveying your web activities (which they do anyway!), but now you earn points that you can redeem for rewards.

Similar to Google Panel, there is Bing Rewards that offers points for completing simple tasks online.

17. Apps

Learn 19 methods you can use to start making money online, right now!

I could of easily made this article “99 Ways to Make Money Online.”

There are countless Apps you can download right now that will pay you for just living life or running simple errands –  earn points and redeem them for cash.


Here are 11 apps you can use to make money, now:

  1. Gigwalk (iOS / Android) – run errands for local businesses
  2. EasyShift (iOS) – take photos, record prices, give product opinions
  3. Iconzoomer (iOS / Android) – complete tasks, give opinions on products
  4. Mobile Rewards (iOS / Android) – watch videos for credits
  5. CheckPoints (iOS / Android) – watch videos for points
  6. Gympact (iOS / Android) – get paid to workout or pay if you don’t
  7. Npolls (iOS / Android) – answer surveys
  8. Field Agent (iOS)- complete local odd jobs
  9. Ibotta (iOS / Android) – document your shopping
  10. App Trailers (iOS / Android) – watch videos for points
  11. Shopkick (iOS / Android) –  check out stores, make purchases

Go to your iOS or Android App Store and start bank rolling your phone.

18. Blogging


Create a website dedicated to a niche that you are well versed in.

Create content dedicated to your topic and become a resource for people who want information on what you’re talking about.  Create a following.

When you start to get a lot of web-traffic, advertisers building businesses in your niche will want to advertise on your website.

These advertisers will pay you by clicks, views, or both.

Blogging makes money when you blog to make money, so don’t waste time trying to talk about something you don’t know about.

For example, I make a lot of money online and I’m always looking for ways to make more, so that’s the information I share.

It wouldn’t make sense for me to talk to you about Cars or Make-up, but these might be niches you’re into; if so you should definitely write about them.

You can create a blog and get web hosting for as little as $3.95 a month with Bluehost. With Bluehost you will receive a FREE domain and tools to help you set up your very own website with a few clicks of a button.

Grab your FREE domain with Bluehost now!

19. Influencer Marketing

Do you have a large following on social media?

Do you love to post about doing the things you love on social media?

You could be an Social Media Influencer making big bucks and not even know it.

Influencers get paid by advertisers through promoting products and services to their followers.

Izea and Linquia are a just a few of the top influencer marketing networks that can connect you with high-paying advertisers and sponsorships, right now.


So, there you have it! We have included over 19 different way that you can earn money from home. Hopefully this post will help to jump-start you on the path to creating the income and life that you deserve.





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