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How to Start a Million Dollar Side Hustle Selling Hair Bows

Learn how this mom turned a side hustle selling hair bows into a million dollar company.

Do you consider yourself crafty and slightly obsessed with hair bows?

Luckily for you, there’s a way that you can make mix your two passions and make money from home selling hair accessories.

In this post, you’ll learn how a mother quit her job to create a million dollar hair bow business from scratch!

Keep reading to learn how she did it.

How to Start a Hair Bow Business 

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Hair bows and accessories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon as long as little girls (or cute little doggies!) are being born.

As long as there’s a market need, there’ll be a way to make money from it.

As proof that it can be done, let’s take a look at Shunta Grant.

Not only did she take a giant leap by quitting her full-time legal career but was able to turn her side hustle selling hair bows into a million dollar business using free tools available to anyone.

If you want to know what it takes to create a six-figure hair bow business from scratch then these are the 5 key things that she wants you to know.


1. You have to create a business mindset and attitude. 

Shunta’s company, Because of Zoe, started as a side gig from selling her daughter’s used baby clothes on Instagram.

After posting photos of her handmade hair bows and seeing a very good response from her craft, she knew that there was an opportunity to turn her passion into a business.

She had to operate like a business which included determining the right pricing for her hair bows in order to turn a profit and using time management to keep her online business running proficiently.


2. You have to learn how to deal with competition. 

As with any business, there will be competitors.

However, Shunta does not see other businesses as threats but rather as partners.

She’s very open to business collaborations with other companies that are similar to her own because the way she sees it is that the primary focus for both business should be to provide top notch service and quality to the customer.


3. You should know your “why”. 

Shunta believes that far too many businesses focus on the product that their selling rather than the product experience for the customer.

As a business owner, you should be able to ask yourself why does your product or service matter.

Knowing this can help you build value and all your customers easily connect with your brand.


4. You have to learn how to maximize your time. 

To get the most out of your day, Shunta suggests that you look at the hours that you plan to do business as a motivator to get as much done as possible.

Setting time limits for business tasks are important so that it doesn’t spill into other areas of your life, such as quality time with family.


5. You have to learn how to utilize different channels of social media. 

Although Shunta’s hair bow business started out on Instagram, she soon realized that relying on one social media platform was a poor business move.

Expanding your web presence is key to maintaining profit as well as contact with as many people in your audience as possible.

Shunta credits building an email list and active Facebook group to the success of her company.


To listen to the full podcast interview by Think Creative Collective and Shunta Grant click here

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Learn how this mom created a 6-figure hair bow business from scratch!

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