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How to Start a Profitable Home Business as a Party Planner

Start a Party Planning Business in 5 Simple Steps!

Becoming a party planner can be a very fun, exciting and rewarding career especially if you have desires to start your own business and work from home.

There are several opportunities to make money in the event planning business to include selling party supplies, renting equipment, and even decorating the venue.

If any of these ideas sound appealing to you, then keep reading to learn how you can start a successful home-based business as a party planner in five simple steps.

Start a Home-Based Party Planning Business

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Party planning, also known as event planning, is a great business idea especially for those that find joy in helping others have a good time.

If you’re wondering how much money you can make, reports that the average event planner earns $61,567 a year. Incredible!

However, before getting started in this business you’ll definitely have to consider your current skills and qualifications.

A few skills that are required for success as an event planner include being able to multi-task, excellent communication skills and time management.

If you’re confident in your abilities to work under pressure and meet deadlines despite obstacles, then a career in event planning can be very fulfilling.

Below you’ll find additional steps required to help you jump-start your party planning business.

1. Gain experience by volunteering.

If you lack experience in party planning, you can build a portfolio pretty quickly by volunteering as an event planner for your local non-profit organizations and charities.

By volunteering, you’ll be able to really gauge your interest in pursuing event planning as a full-time gig plus you’ll receive invaluable hands-on experience that can really come in handy when organizing larger and more complex events later in your career.

2. Get certified. 

Although formal education isn’t required to become an event planner, becoming certified will definitely give you an edge when competing against your competitors and marketing your services.

You can become a certified meeting professional through the Events Industry Council (EIC).

This certification will help to establish you as an expert in your field of work.

3. Create a business and marketing plan. 

Before you begin to market your services, you’ll want to create a business plan on how you’ll want to operate.

Your business plan should included details on marketing, required tools and resources as well as the prices you’ll need to charge to reach your financial goals.

Having a clear cut plan detailing how to attract and keep clients is a wonderful start to any business, especially event planning.

4. Build a network. 

Make it a goal to create a list of reliable contacts of individuals and companies that will supplement your business.

DJs, caterers, florists and photographers are just a few of the people that you should always have on call when planning events.

Go out of your way to introduce yourself to other event planners in your community as they can be a valuable source of opportunities especially if they have a full schedule and are unable to book events for themselves.

5. Get involved in your community.

If you want people to know that you’re in business, you have to be involved in your community.

Attend town hall meetings, fundraisers and school events and come prepared with marketing materials to hand out.

Seize every opportunity to introduce yourself and your services. You never know when someone may be in need of your help and being present may be all it takes to get your first client.

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