7 Brilliant Psychological Hacks That Will Trick You Into Saving Money

These psychological hacks will trick you into saving money. Amazing!

Here are a couple of mental hacks that will trick you into saving money with little to no effort.

If you’ve been having problems with saving more money then keep reading because these 7 tips will blow you away.

How Can I Save More Money?

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1. Use the “Zero Out” method.

This simple hack comes from Brightside, in which a reader described how they were able to save a significant amount of money by simply “zeroing out” their bank account every night.

What they did was rounded the amount in their bank account back to the nearest tenth and put the remainder in savings.

For example, if you have $55 in your bank account you will transfer $5 to savings thus leaving $50 remaining in your account.

You will continue to “zero out” your bank account every night until your savings goal has been reached.


2. Think of prices in terms of “hours worked”. 

When it comes to deciding if that $500 television set is worth buying consider changing the price to hours worked.

For this mental trick you need to first figure out your current hourly salary. Next, divide it by the price of the item.

The number that results from this equation is basically how many full working hours it will take to pay the item off.

So, if your current salary is $10/hr you will divide that by $500 and you will get 50 hours. Are you willing or capable of working a full 50 hours to pay off a tv?


3. Take the “Stranger Test”.

The “Stranger Test” is a easy savings hacks because all it takes is a little imagination.

Simply imagine a stranger holding the item you want, say for instance a $200 necklace, in one hand and $200 in cash in the other hand.

Which one would you likely choose? More than likely, you will choose the cash.

Doing this method whenever you decide to impulse buy will increase your financial awareness and keep you on track when saving money.


4. Store your money in envelopes. 

When it comes to saving, having physical cash on hand is oftentimes better than having a debit card.

The logic behind this is that you are less likely to spend cash as you can physically see when you don’t have enough.

With this in mind, put your savings on autopilot and have a set amount automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Cash out the remainder and use labeled envelopes for each bill or responsibility that you have.

The “envelope method” is guaranteed to keep you accountable of your money as well as ensures that you are saving before you spend.



5. Create a vision board in your wallet. 

Create space in your wallet for pictures of your dream car, house and any other things that you eventually want in life.

Also, make it a point to visualize yourself having these things and the feeling that will come along with it.

Visualization is an extremely effective psychological hack that works via the subconscious mind.

Having these visual aids in front of you when you open your wallet to spend money will make you a little bit more mindful of your financial decisions.

So, whenever you want that $10 cup of coffee you may stop and think for a second when you see your dream car staring back at you.


6. Learn to say “how?”.

Have you found yourself wanting to buy something but then immediately telling yourself that you “can’t afford it.” Well, guess what? You’re right. You have already used self-limiting language which has mentally solidified that you are unable to afford that thing you want.

Now what if you change the sentence from “I can’t afford it.” to “How can I afford it?” This simple linguistic hack comes from Robert Kiyosaki, businessman and author or Rich Dad, Poor Dad (One of my most all-time favorite books and if you have not read it I highly recommend that you check out!)

“How can I afford it?” is a sneaky way to trick the mind into thinking a little deeper thus opening up possibilities that you would not have thought of otherwise.


7. Believe in abundance.

A “scarcity mindset” is thinking that there’s not enough money to go around so when it comes to saving money, it can seem like torture.

To combat this mentality, you have to switch your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

Thinking “abundantly” means truly believing that you are not lacking anything but have more than you need.

To shift your mindset to abundance you have to simply remind yourself daily (especially before any impulse shopping) by saying to yourself, “I have enough.”

When you fully convince yourself that you actually have more than you need, saving money will become second nature because you’re no longer wasting attention or money on things that bring no value to your life.


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