7 Super Lazy Ways to Make Extra Money on Your Weekends

Wouldn’t you like to make extra money on your weekends without actually having to do any hard work?

Well you can with these incredibly easy and lazy ways to make extra money on your days off!

Keep scrolling below to check out the simple ways that you can put more money in your pockets in your free time.

Lazy Ways to Make Money on Weekends

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1. Take free surveys for cash. 

Taking surveys is one of the best ways that you can make money on your weekends.

There are several popular survey sites such as Swagbucks which you can use to take simple surveys and complete other small tasks to earn extra money on your weekends.

Later, you can redeem the points you earn for really sweet gift cards to your favorite stores.

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Learn easy ways to make money on your weekends!

I can redeem my Swagpoints for a $25 Visa gift card! Woo-hoo!

2. Refurbish old furniture for profit.

Refurbishing furniture or furniture flipping is a creative and fun way to earn cash by taking old, worn out furniture and giving it a new and refreshing look.

Finding old furniture to be refurbished is incredibly easy.

Just visit your local thrift store or yard sale to pick out items that are little dinged up but salvageable.

These furniture gems can be restored on your own time and sold later for profit from home or online.

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3. Sell your old stuff. 

If you have a few items in your home such as electronics, jewelry or clothing that you don’t need or use consider selling these items online.

Keep in mind that used electronics and jewelry can be sold pretty quickly and easily at your local pawn shop and a few other places.

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4. Use your voice. 

Whether you speak a second language or have a very unique voice, there’s people all over the world looking to pay someone just like you to narrate books, do voice overs and other vocal presentations.

Fiverr is a great place to start when looking for voice over gigs and is an easy way to earn a few extra bucks on your day off.

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5. Become a house sitter. 

If you’re going to sit in the house all day on your weekend, then you should at least get paid for it.

House sitting is a sweet gig for anyone who loves to travel and meet new people.

According to Payscale, on average house sitters earn up to $20 an hour!

This is pretty decent pay for minimal amount of work.

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6. Review and test mobile apps. 

Mobile app developers will pay you to test, review and create buzz for new apps before they hit the mobile marketplace.

As a mobile app tester with AppCoiner, you’ll receive exclusive access to apps before anyone else plus you’ll get paid weekly just for providing simple reviews.

If you’re like most people who spend quite a bit of time on your phone, then this side gig is perfect for earning a few extra bucks every weekend.

7. Get paid to write catchy slogans. 

There’s a million dollar industry built around creating names, slogans and catchphrases for new and established businesses.

If you have a knack for words or creating art with simple sentences, then join Slogan Seller to learn more about how to turn your natural gift into a money-making side business.

The perks of selling slogans is that you can work from virtually anywhere and it won’t interfere with your day job.

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These ideas to make money on the weekends are genius! I cant wait to try #6!

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