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9 Insanely Easy Money Hacks All Couples Should Know About

Here's a few tips for ways to save money as a couple. You will want to save this for later!

Sometimes, money can get tight when you’re in a relationship.

In this post, you will find a few money-saving tips that will help you maximize your income every month.

Keep reading below to check out these incredibly simple money hacks!

How to Save Money as a Couple?

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1. Do all of your online shopping with Ebates.

Honestly, I don’t think it can get any easier than this.

Ebates is an incredible discount website that gives you cashback and other coupons just for shopping at your favorite stores through their website.

The deals you will find on there are amazing and can be a great way to save tons of money every month.

Plus, you earn $5 for every friend that you refer with your link. How cool is that?

Needless to say, Ebates is one of the easiest ways to earn some quick cash and make the most out of your income.

After creating an account, I highly suggest installing the Ebates button to your web browser as it will automatically find coupons and deals on any site that you’re visiting.

Click here to create a FREE account on Ebates

2. Like the Facebook pages of all your favorite brands and companies. 

Once you like the Facebook pages of some of your favorite brands or companies, they will sometimes send coupons and other discounts directly to your inbox or timeline.

So make sure that you are staying on full alert when it comes to catching great deals.

3. Get paid to watch videos and take surveys together. 

Swagbucks is a wonderful little website that allows you make money by completing small tasks such as taking short surveys, watching videos and even playing games!

They literally have something for everyone!  Earning Swag Points is really easy and once you collect enough you can later redeem them for cash, gift cards or even a donation to charity.

As a couple, exploring Swagbucks can be a very fun hobby that requires bare minimum effort.

To earn some cash during your downtime, create a FREE account on Swagbucks

4. Buy your home essentials from the local dollar store. 

Seriously, you can save a ton of cash by buying your pain meds, toiletries and sometimes even food by shopping at your local dollar store.

These items are already set at a deep discount so what do you have to lose?

5. Get an Amazon Prime membership. 

I’ve had an Amazon prime membership for over 3 years and I love the amazing benefits that come along with it such as on-demand grocery delivery, same day shipping and unlimited access to some of my favorite shows, books and movies.

Amazon has become my one-stop shop for most of my online shopping and it has made my life seriously easier.

If you do not have a Prime membership, I highly suggest you try it out! You can click here for a FREE 30-day trial during which you’ll get to explore all the insane benefits that Amazon has to offer.

Also, if you or your significant other are college students then you are eligible for a 6-month trial and 50% off of the regular prime membership!

Sign up for Amazon Prime Student

6. Start a blog or Youtube channel. 

There’s something refreshing about seeing Youtubers or Bloggers sharing with others details about their imperfect lives and daily struggles as well as how they are dealing with it.

Whether it’s related to money or any other relationship issue, someone out there is searching for ways to cope and there’s a video or blog about it.

By creating a Youtube or blog you can channel your ideas as a couple into one place and in return earn passive income from advertisers and sponsors. By doing this, you maystrengthen your bond as partners and earn a few bucks while helping others deal with relatable issues.

Starting a blog is really simple and you can create a website with Bluehost where you will receive a FREE domain, website builder tools and hosting for as little as $3.95 a month!

Get your FREE domain from Bluehost

7. Get on a meal plan. 

Meal planning is an absolute must  if you want to keep grocery costs to a minimum.

Create a weekly or monthly meal plan that involves easy to cook crock pot meals or dinners that are freezer-friendly which can be easier to keep track of with these cool little worksheets.

Meal prepping will also save you a ton of time and money. I highly suggest checking out “The Healthy Meal Prep Cook Book” . It is a great guide to have on hand when preparing meals for the week. Also, investing in a slow-cooker wouldn’t be a bad idea either 🙂

Here are a few highly-recommend cookbooks to help give you ideas on how to prepare budget-friendly meals:

8. Set up an allowance. 

While most people suggest two accounts, I suggest three.

One account for bills, one for savings and one for a personal allowance.

The separation of the three bank accounts ensures that there isn’t accidental overspending or withdrawals for each account.

Between you and your partner, you must decide what is an acceptable allowance for leisure. This includes small dates, eating out and other recreational activities.

Once you decide on that amount, create a separate bank account for it or simply take out the cash every month and only spend what you have on hand .

9. Create Google alerts to catch deals early. 

Did you know that you can set up alerts directly from Google whenever knew content is posted to the web? With Google Alerts  you simply type in the keywords you’re looking for (i.e ” Nike Coupons“) and google will alert you whenever that term is mentioned on the web.

By doing this for your favorite stores, you can stay ahead of the competition and catch those flash sales before anyone else. Definitely give it a try!

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