7 Winter Money Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know About

Here are a few tips to help you save more money during the winter months!

If you want to save a ton of money this winter, then knowing these hacks are a must.

Keep reading to learn how you can keep more money in your pockets during the winter months.

How to save money during the winter?

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1. Insulate your windows with bubble wrap. 

Apply bubble wrap to your windows to keep them insulated in the winter. This will save you money on heating costs when it starts to get cold outside.

Apartment Therapy

This budget-friendly method works extremely well to keep your home warmer in the winter thus effectively lowering your heating costs.

Lightly mist your windows with water and apply the bubble-wrap to your windows with the bubbles facing the glass. Doing this will allow the bubble wrap to stick until it’s ready to be removed.

2. Invest in a slow-cooker.

Slow-cooked meals are perfect for the winter simply because they require little attention and are extremely energy efficient. Cooking slow-cooker meals at least two days out the week will not only fill your bellies with something warm and delicious but save you insane amounts time, money and energy during the winter months.

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3. Do your holiday shopping after the holidays. 

The best time to stock up on holiday decorations, gifts and other items would be right after the holidays end. Stores usually place the leftover inventory on sale to get rid of it quickly and what this means to you is that after the holidays is primetime to you can cash in on some great deals.

4. Fill your Amazon shopping cart with goodies and wait for discounts.

If you are a frequent shopper on Amazon, then you will really appreciate this hack. When shopping for things that you really can’t afford just yet, place it in your shopping cart anyways. When you leave items in your cart and there’s a price drop, Amazon when alert you as an incentive to get you to buy.

5. Lower the thermostat by 2 degrees. 

Lower your thermostat during the winter to lower your electric or heating bill.

Wise Geek 

Save money on your electric or heating bill by dropping your thermostat a few degrees during the winter months.

Make up for the drop in temperature by simply wearing an extra layer of clothing or investing in a space heater.

6. Run your ceiling fan clockwise. 

During the winter, you will want your ceiling fan to run clockwise on low to keep your room warm.

Delmar Fans

During the winter, you will want to switch your ceiling fan from running counterclockwise to clockwise. This will help keep your room warmer by pulling cold air up.

Keep the ceiling fan on a low setting to ensure that this method works efficiently. As noted my Delmar Fans, people who use this method during the winter can save up to 15 percent on their heating bill.

7. Buy groceries and other home essentials in bulk. 

Save yourself several trips to the grocery store by buying items that you or your family frequently use in bulk. Buying in bulk saves you a ton of money and can be convenient during snowy days when you may find yourself indoors for longer periods of time. For a handy list of items that you should always keep on hand, check out this post.

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